Give Your Home The Wow Factor This Spring

The sunshine has finally arrived and as we dust off the frosty remnants of winter it’s often at this time of year that we think about selling our houses or making some enhancements to add to its value.  But what are the most efficient ways to do this?  We’ve compiled a few ideas below to […]

Single Glazing Vs Double Glazing: Which Is Better?

Whether you’re upgrading your home or building a house from scratch, it’s worth giving your windows some attention. Windows can influence the comfort of your living environment, and affect heat levels, energy bills, noise levels and security. Single glazing is now becoming a thing of the past, and is being replaced with its more durable […]

The Benefits Of uPVC Windows

Double glazing has become the norm in the world of windows. Offering excellent thermal efficiency, along with enhanced security, it’s understandable why many homeowners are investing in double glazing. However, windows can only perform to their best ability when paired with the appropriate window frames. Wooden frames can warp and rot, reducing security and insulative […]

Double Glazing Accreditations Explained

In last month’s blog we spoke about accreditations and the importance of selecting a firm with a full suite of them.  But what do they actually mean and which ones do you need to look out for?   One of the most well-known accreditations is Certass.  Certass Limited is, brace yourselves, a UKAS approved certification […]

3 Things To Look For In A Double Glazing Company

So you want new windows and doors?  What should you look for in a double glazing firm?  We share three top tips on how to choose the right firm for you. Purchasing new, double glazed windows and doors is a sizeable investment for most families, but how do you know you’re choosing a  trustworthy, top […]

How To Secure Your Home?

  According to Moneywise, a massive quarter of us Brits were most concerned with how to best protect our homes and property in 2014. Of course there are a number of ways to make our homes more secure, from increased lighting to extensive CCTV, but one area homeowners should also consider is their windows and […]

Tips To Cut Down On Your Energy Bills This Summer

There is a large emphasis on saving money on your energy bills in the winter, as we use our heating and possibly hot water more frequently. However, saving money in the summertime is often overlooked, but if we don’t keep a close eye on it, we can easily end up spending just as much in […]

Bi-fold Doors Vs. Patio Doors – Which Option Is Better?

If you’re renovating a new property, or perhaps you’re sprucing up your current home to give it a fresh and modern look, then you may find yourself deliberating between bi-folding doors and patio doors. Essentially, they are two very different products offering a similar thing. However, they each have their own pros and cons that […]

How To Stop Condensation In 5 Steps

Most of us have experienced condensation on some level. Whether it’s in your car or when looking into a bathroom mirror after a hot shower or bath. However, when it’s the windows in your home that are affected, the problem can be far more annoying. Constantly wiping down the running drips can become tiresome and […]

Window Styles – Pick The Right Window Style For Your Home!

Whether you’re in the middle of a home renovation project or you’re upgrading your home’s windows to double or maybe triple glazing, now is the time to carefully consider all the different options available to you. This is important to ensure you end up with windows that are not only right for your own personal […]