How To Keep Your Conservatory Warm In Winter

Summer is behind us, and the winter is fast approaching. As the days become chillier, we may feel that using a conservatory in winter might be a bridge too far. Luckily, there are a few ways to keep your conservatory warm in winter – benefiting you both now and long into the future.


6 Tips to Warm Up Your Conservatory


  • Insulation


Keeping a space warm and cosy begins at the base level: your home and its structure. Find out what insulation your home has, specifically your conservatory. If you feel your roof insulation is inadequate, consider replacing or reinforcing it with something new and improved – this will put a cap on heat escaping via this avenue.


  • Double Glazing


Some 25% of your home’s heat is lost through the windows. That’s why it’s essential to strengthen the insulative abilities of your conservatory windows with an update, or by fitting double glazing or installing energy efficient glass. All of these options will not only maintain the warmth of your conservatory, but double glazing in particular is valuable for noise reduction and increased security. Here at G&L windows, we can give your conservatory an energy efficient overhaul – just get in touch with our team today.


  • Underfloor Heaters and Carpets


Comfort is strongly affected by flooring. If you have bare stone, tiles or hard wooden flooring in your conservatory, these materials are cold to the touch. While this may be fine in summer, when the colder months arrive it can feel unwelcoming and chilly – in these cases, it’s worth putting down a fluffy carpet or rug. However, if you’re seeking long-term comfort, then underfloor heating could be the answer – albeit, an expensive one.


  • Small Heaters


If underfloor heating is a tad out of your price range, then setting up a few small electric heaters can generate an adequate amount of warmth to keep your conservatory usable. Candles can also generate a modest degree of heat (not to mention ambience).


  • Blinds and Curtains


Both decorative and highly functional: blinds and curtains are more than just a pretty fixture of a conservatory. The extra piece of material also serves to insulate and reduce heat loss – also potentially decreasing your monthly energy bills.


  • Draught Excluders


Popping some draught excluders along the base of your conservatory doors is a quick, cheap way to preventing chilly draughts from drifting into your space.


Here at G&L Windows, we’re experts at conservatory glazing and professionally install energy efficient glass and double glazing – keeping your conservatory nice and snug. We specialise in both commercial and domestic glazing, so to discover more, please get in touch with our friendly team.