Tips To Insulate Your Windows For Winter 2019/2020

If you’re wondering how to insulate windows in time for the chilly winter months, there are a variety of methods to help you. Windows can be insulated using simple DIY techniques – such as the use of bubble wrap, foam, or draught excluders. However, replacing the glass in your property with double glazing or energy efficient windows will ultimately be a more cost-effective solution that will last you well into the future.

Tips to winter proof your windows:

Buy thicker curtains

Many of us change our duvets for winter, so why not our curtains? The thicker the curtain the greater the insulative quality it has. When the cold kicks in, changing your summer curtains for winter alternatives can help keep your rooms warm and cosy. The only downside is the need to change all your curtains twice a year, which may not be practical for some people – if you would rather not replace the entire curtain, hooking up thermal liners to your current ones can bypass this inconvenience.

Use draught excluders

You may be familiar with draught excluders for your doors, but you may not be aware this is also an option for windows. Simply use sealant, putty or draught-proofing strips to block any visible cracks and the areas between the window and the wall – this will help keep out unwelcome draughts.

Foam between the gaps

Use foam spray to target the gaps between the window and its framing. The foam will fill and expand in these gaps, creating a insulative seal that can prevent draughts and loss of heat. This technique is more flexible than other methods of draught exclusion, and can adapt to smaller, harder-to-reach areas.

Cover with bubble wrap

This may appear somewhat of a rough-and-ready solution, yet some homeowners swear by it. Simply measure out a sheet of bubble wrap akin to the size of your window, and tack or tape it over your glass pane. Benefits of this technique include simplicity, time-efficiency and affordability – though the final appearance may be a little crude for some people’s tastes. Thanks to its transparency, bubble wrap insulation also allows light to filter through into your home so you don’t lose out on precious sunlight.

Discover energy efficient glass

Winter can send energy bills soaring, but a one-time installation of energy efficient glass is can bring your property the very highest levels of insulation in winter, but also solar gain in summer – working to your advantage all year round. Coupling energy efficient glass with double glazing can reward you with windows that bring you energy efficiency and lower bills for years to come.

Up-to-date double glazing is vital

Most homes have discovered the benefit of double glazing – though, not everyone realises that replacement may be required to ensure maximum advantage. If your windows are damaged and easily fogged, or they are simply older than 20 years, it may be time to update your double glazing with a fresh installation from the professionals. This will ensure maximum insulative properties, a warmer home, and ultimately lower energy bills.

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