Give Your Home The Wow Factor This Spring

The sunshine has finally arrived and as we dust off the frosty remnants of winter it’s often at this time of year that we think about selling our houses or making some enhancements to add to its value.  But what are the most efficient ways to do this?  We’ve compiled a few ideas below to give you some inspiration.

Make first impressions count

Obviously here at G&L Windows we are pretty keen on windows – it’s part of our name!  Tired, old windows or those in need of repair can put off potential buyers at the front door step.  We all know how important first impressions are so consider upgrading your windows, taking in to account the style and age of your house.  New windows often mean a reduction on energy bills too – a great selling point for potential buyers or bonus if you’re staying put.  There are many different window options available so why not take a look at some of our recent work for some inspiration?  We’ve also prepared a buyer’s guide to help you choose.

Talking of front doors…the next step in making a good impression is the entrance to your house.  Enhancing your house with a new composite door offer a genuine looking hardwood appearance, perfect for rural or traditional style homes, while still offering the maximum levels of security and thermal insulation.  uPVC doors are also available and we talk through the pros and cons in a previous blog article here.

Bring the outside in

Spring is synonymous with gardening for obvious reasons and with a whole summer of longer and warmer days to look forward to why not consider a conservatory?  You’ll be adding an extra room to your house, increasing its value and you often don’t need planning permission either.  They also bring in a huge amount of light and are perfect for those evenings when you want to relax and enjoy the outside world from the comfort of your house.  We offer a wide range of different conservatory styles, all double-glazed for optimum insulation.

If a conservatory isn’t an option you could consider some bi-fold doors.  Bi-fold doors make a fantastic visual statement, opening up a room whilst taking up minimum space. These fantastic space saving doors are perfect for use in rooms leading to gardens or adjoining another living space, making access easier and the home seem larger.

Buy quality

At G&L Windows we are proud that all our customer projects are designed and produced in our own factories to ensure that our own high standards are met with every product and our expert team of fitters will install the finished door into your home quickly and efficiently, minimising the disruption to your life.  For more information on any of our products get in touch today; we’re always happy to help.