How To Ensure Your Home Is Secure This Festive Season

On the build up to Christmas, everyone is busily rushing around buying their presents for all the family and stocking up on food and drink to make the Christmas period special for everyone. But with the nights drawing in earlier, and our houses being full of expensive gifts, it can be a time for high crime with many burglars roaming the streets, looking for the next house to break into.

With a shocking two out of ten burglaries happening without using any force gain entry, now is the time, more than ever, that you should be extra vigilant and aware of your homes safety. So we’ve come up with some tips on how to ensure your home is secure and all belongings stay safe from any prying burglars.


  • Old doors (over ten years) should be replaced. The older they are, the weaker they are. This means they can easily be kicked down or prised open without much difficulty. So don’t make it easy for them and replace your door with a sturdier more solid one.
  • Get an old fashioned chain fitted across your door. These are hard to break and act as a good barrier to anyone trying to enter your property. If someone does try and get in through the chain, chances are they’ll create a noise trying to do so, which can alert anyone in the house or nearby.
  • Yale locks are very reliable as they’re anti-drill, anti-pick and anti-bump so you can rest assured knowing that no one will be able to enter your house.
  • Even if you’re in the house during the day, make sure all your doors are locked and secure. Burglars will still enter properties even if there is a possibility people are in them and if you’re upstairs or in another room you won’t necessarily hear them. Just think, you wouldn’t go upstairs to bed and not lock the door would you? So do the same in the day.
  • Never leave a spare key hidden outside the property – especially under the door mat or plant pot. These are the first places a burglar will look at.
  • It’s not just the doors to your house you should be aware of but also garage doors too, especially if you keep your car in there.


With three out of ten burglaries happening through back windows, it’s important to make sure that all your windows are as secure as they possibly can be over the holiday period.

  • Like doors, if your windows are old then they’ll also be weak so it’s best to replace them. Frail windows can be easily forced open or broken into. Double glazing is tougher to break and a new window frame will also help prevent an easy break in.
  • If you do get new windows fitted, lock and key windows are the most secure type to go for. The handle shoots metal bolts into the frame to prevent them from being prised open
  • It’s important to make sure ground floor windows are always kept closed and locked, as well as those windows above roof surfaces, such as an extensions or conservatories. If they’re left open, burglars will have easy access by jumping onto the roof and climbing into your property through windows.
  • Security lights are a good way to alert you if anyone comes near your property –but their sensors can go off by passing animals which can raise false awareness. But either way it will still attract attention to anyone nearby if there was a burglar trying to break into your house.


There are other simple steps you can follow to keep your property as safe as possible.

  • Register your property with a company that can help Police to identify lost and stolen property.
  • Place a sticker on your property so potential burglars know it is registered.
  • Photograph any expensive items such as jewellery or electric devices to use as evidence in case they do get stolen.
  • Plug lamps into light timers, so they will automatically turn on once its dark making the house look occupied.

With an increase in burglaries over the autumn and winter months, don’t let yourself become a victim. If you follow these safety measures and be extra vigilant, then hopefully any potential burglars will be put off the scent, leaving you to fully enjoy Christmas with no added worries.

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