uPVC vs Wooden Windows

When it comes to choosing the right windows for your property, there are plenty of factors that you need to take into account to ensure you get the perfect product for your requirements. One such factor that needs to be considered is the material that the window frames are made of, and in this article, […]

How Much Value Does Double Glazing Add To A Home?

It is certainly no secret that double glazing provides economic benefits. The window installation ensures heat inside your home is retained effectively, saving you money on your energy bill. But double glazing can provide more economic value than just energy savings. The use of double glazing can improve your home in a variety of ways, […]

Guide to Resealing Windows

Window seals expand and contract over time due to temperature changes, and this may eventually wear them out. However, it can sometimes be difficult to tell exactly when a window seal should be replaced or repaired – in this guide, we cover how to spot the signs of window seal deterioration, and will take you […]

How To Insulate Windows For Winter

If you’re wondering how to insulate windows in time for the chilly winter months, there are a variety of methods to help you. Windows can be insulated using simple DIY techniques – such as the use of bubble wrap, foam, or draught excluders. However, replacing the glass in your property with double glazing or energy […]

What Adds Value To A House?

With the housing marketing struggling, it’s now more important than ever to boost the value of your property. Home improvements such as installing conservatories, new front doors, and double glazed windows can all add to the value of the house – making the task of selling an easier one. In this article, we will explore […]

How To Paint uPVC Windows

If you want to boost the kerb appeal of your property with a fresh lick of paint, your window frames don’t need to be left behind. uPVC windows can be painted, providing you have waited for at least 12 months after installation. Follow our step by step guide to learn how to paint your uPVC […]

Single Glazing Vs Double Glazing: Which Is Better?

Whether you’re upgrading your home or building a house from scratch, it’s worth giving your windows some attention. Windows can influence the comfort of your living environment, and affect heat levels, energy bills, noise levels and security. Single glazing is now becoming a thing of the past, and is being replaced with its more durable […]

The Benefits Of uPVC Windows

Double glazing has become the norm in the world of windows. Offering excellent thermal efficiency, along with enhanced security, it’s understandable why many homeowners are investing in double glazing. However, windows can only perform to their best ability when paired with the appropriate window frames. Wooden frames can warp and rot, reducing security and insulative […]

How To Secure Your Home?

  According to Moneywise, a massive quarter of us Brits were most concerned with how to best protect our homes and property in 2014. Of course there are a number of ways to make our homes more secure, from increased lighting to extensive CCTV, but one area homeowners should also consider is their windows and […]

How To Stop Condensation In 5 Steps

Most of us have experienced condensation on some level. Whether it’s in your car or when looking into a bathroom mirror after a hot shower or bath. However, when it’s the windows in your home that are affected, the problem can be far more annoying. Constantly wiping down the running drips can become tiresome and […]