How To Paint uPVC Windows

If you want to boost the kerb appeal of your property with a fresh lick of paint, your window frames don’t need to be left behind. uPVC windows can be painted, providing you have waited for at least 12 months after installation. Follow our step by step guide to learn how to paint your uPVC windows to guarantee the best results for your home.

How To Paint uPVC Windows?

1. Wait A Year:
This is crucial. Brand new uPVC windows should be left at least 12 months before painting. The glossy resins that coat a uPVC will need time to settle into the material, thus helping the paint bind to the surface – without this wait period, you may find paint adhesion difficult to achieve.

2. Clean & Prepare:
Painting on a dirty surface will result in a poor quality finish, so it’s always important to ensure your uPVC windows are free of grime, dust, moss, mould or algae before you begin – warm, soapy water should suffice or fungicidal treatments, if necessary. And always thoroughly dry the surface afterwards.

3. Abrade:
Abrading the surface with an abrasive sheet of paper dulls a layer of the uPVC’s glossy surface, thus allowing the paint to adhere more effectively. Just a light sanding will be enough, but not too harshly as to scratch the uPVC surface – and always rub in the direction of the frame.

4. Masking:
Apply masking tape where needed to avoid paints and chemicals from straying onto unwanted areas of the window.

5. Primer:
Administering a thin layer of primer to the surface will help the paint to settle onto the surface, resulting in a better quality finish.

6. Choose Your Products Wisely:
Many paints are unable to adhere well onto plastic surfaces, and therefore you must carefully select a product that can chemically achieve this. Your chosen paint will also need to have a degree of flexibility, as plastic tends to expand and contract in changing temperature. It must be able to withstand UV effects and resist solar bleaching. Acrylic-based paints are therefore likely to be your best option for both their adhesive ability and their capability to endure thermal expansion.


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