The Benefits Of uPVC Windows

Double glazing has become the norm in the world of windows. Offering excellent thermal efficiency, along with enhanced security, it’s understandable why many homeowners are investing in double glazing. However, windows can only perform to their best ability when paired with the appropriate window frames. Wooden frames can warp and rot, reducing security and insulative properties, which is why many people are looking towards uPVC to offer the solutions. But what are the benefits of uPVC windows?

How uPVC Windows Benefit Your Home?


Rooting Prevention Due To Weatherproof Properties

Unlike wooden frames which can swell in damp weather, uPVC keeps its strength and shape. Moisture can cause rotting in wooden frames, leading to the window pane glass becoming loose, compromising security. uPVC is resistant to rotting, meaning it will remain healthy and intact, whatever the weather.

Thermal Efficiency Boost

Double glazing keeps in the heat, maintaining your home at a consistent and warm temperature. This in turn reduces your energy bills. However, it’s important that double glazing is teamed with an effective window frame material. uPVC does not conduct heat and boasts insulative abilities that help to keeps your home protected from any seepage of cold draughts into your property, making it the perfect match for double glazing.

Enhanced Security

Because uPVC does not warp under the influence of temperature or moisture, it is therefore not likely to detach from the window pane. This enforces security by reducing the likelihood of weak spots for would-be criminals to prise open. In addition, uPVC itself is very strong and tough. To reinforce these great security benefits, it’s also wise to invest in double glazing and decent locking systems. For more information about windows and home security, see our previous article.

Low Maintenance

Just a quick wipe with a damp cloth is all you need to keep you uPVC window frames in top condition. With no sealing or heavy-duty cleaning required, if you like an easy maintenance option, then uPVC is perfect for you.

Reduction of Noise Pollution

When matched with double glazing, uPVC offers great soundproofing ability, reducing noise levels significantly whenever the windows are closed.

Resistance to Salt Erosion

If you live by the sea, you should seriously consider uPVC for your home. Salt erosion can damage window frames, but luckily uPVC is resistant to these attacks, making them the ideal material to be used in coastal properties.

Choice of Colours, Styles, Sizes

Gone are the days when uPVC was only available in white. Nowadays there is a greater range of colours, sizes and styles of uPVC window frames available. This allows the appearance of windows to be tailored to the style of the house, giving you more control over the look of your property.

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