5 Signs It’s Time To Replace Your Windows

Windows are one of those permanent fixtures in a house that get overlooked every day, every month and every year. But as the years go by, they too need replacing just like other fixtures in the house do.With windows, it can sometimes be tricky to spot the signs of when they need replacing, so here at G&L Windows we’ve created our top 5 signs it’s time to replace your windows.

1) Warm or cool spots
Check the inside of your windows for any warm or cool spots by holding your hand up to the glass on either a hot or cold day. If you do discover there are any, this is clear sign that your windows are not insulating your house as they should do.

2) Check for drafts
Any window will let in some amount of air but it shouldn’t be largely noticeable. An easy way to check your windows for drafts, as well as feeling them with your hands, is to light a candle and move it around and in front of the window sill. If there are any drafts coming into the room via your window, the flame will noticeably flicker.

3) Check the window frames
Soft window frames are a classic sign of decay. The best way to test for this is to tap the frame with a blunt tool such as a screw driver and if it is easily pushed into the wood then you will most likely need to replace your windows.

4) Peeling paint
If your windows are not properly sealed, water will travel in and cause dampness which in turn will eventually start to peel back any paint. If your house is older, over time the difference in temperature changes can cause the frames to expand and contract, again causing the paint to peel.

5) Condensation
Condensation is also a classic sign that your windows are not sealed properly. This occurs when cold air gets trapped in between the panes of glass and can sometimes lead to other problems such as damp.

Replacing the doors and windows in your house can have major overall benefits. As well as generally improving the look of your house (both inside and outside) they can potentially increase the value of your property as well as the added benefit of saving you money on expensive energy bills due to draughty and inefficient window seals.

So, if you’re in doubt as to whether your windows or doors need replacing, why not try using our 5 signs to check if they’re good or bad?

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